James Monroe Ward

James Monroe Ward is my great grandfather, born in 1877 in Watauga county. Born to Duke Ward and Susan Glenn. James married a woman named Arizona Millsaps in 1903 when he was 25 years old and they had 13 children together. After 26 years of marriage, Arizona died of pellagra in 1929 (a common death in that time period from not getting enough vitamins due to eating lots of corn), it was a slow and miserable death at 46 years old. James was still young when she died, he lived to be 90 years old himself and had my grandfather, Clifford, with Viola Stines (my great grandmother) in 1946 when he was 68 years old! His other 13 children survived well, none of them died too young, and he died in Avery county NC in 1968.
Arizona’s funeral:

Arizona’s parents were William Millsaps and Irene Arney Jane Love.
When her parents wed, Irene was only 12 and William was 28. Uhhh creepy, but times were different.

Mr and Mrs Millsaps


1. Earliest Warde Records

Did “the phony king of England” assault my ancestors wife/wife’s mother?!?!   

Richard De La Warde is the first ancestor i can find much record of. Born in England in the year 1040, he went on to become the Noble Captain of the Guards for William the Conqueror of Normandy! This means he was a Norman invader who fought along side William during the conquest of England. Somewhere along the line we dropped the “e” at the end of the family name but De La Warde translates to “of the guards” which is obviously a fitting name.
We do know that his father was John De La Warde, although there isn’t much information on him. Richard was father to George De La Warde (born in 1070) whom he had with his wife Elizabeth De La Warde. Richard married into royalty by his wife, who’s father was Eustace De Vesci who was the surety of the Magna Carta. Something interesting i found is this blog post about the legend of robin hood

  which states that ““[Robert Fitzwalter and Eustace de Vesci] put out stories of John’s lecherous designs upon their woman folk – an easy enough charge to make, but the stories they told were so confused and unsubstantiated as to be beyond unravelling, let alone belief. They seem indeed to be unintelligent fabrications to cover lack of rational excuse; and it is hard to believe that Fitzwalter and Vesci were anything more than baronial roughnecks. They had been out simply for John’s blood in the conspiracy of 1212…”” Did the “phony king of England” assault my ancestors wife and/or his wife’s mother?! This video i found supports that information to some extent
That’s messed up.

Going back to Richard, he died in 1084. Couldn’t find any paintings of Richard, which is disappointing but i could find a picture of the Ward family crest which changed multiple times over the years and featured 3 crowns and lots of blue showing loyalty and royalty. wardcrest

Going back a few generations, George’s son Osbert De La Warde (who, fun fact, had a wife who must’ve changed her name because it’s listed as Osberta), to his son Sir Simon Warde, lived in the Knaresborough castle which has a bit remaining and is now a tourist attraction!
I can’t find much else on these people, no paintings surprisingly even though they are royalty which is very disappointing. All in all though it’s really neat that i can trace my family as far back as the year 1040! If i ever find anymore information about the abuse I’ll edit it in to this post.