James Monroe Ward

James Monroe Ward is my great grandfather, born in 1877 in Watauga county. Born to Duke Ward and Susan Glenn. James married a woman named Arizona Millsaps in 1903 when he was 25 years old and they had 13 children together. After 26 years of marriage, Arizona died of pellagra in 1929 (a common death in that time period from not getting enough vitamins due to eating lots of corn), it was a slow and miserable death at 46 years old. James was still young when she died, he lived to be 90 years old himself and had my grandfather, Clifford, with Viola Stines (my great grandmother) in 1946 when he was 68 years old! His other 13 children survived well, none of them died too young, and he died in Avery county NC in 1968.
Arizona’s funeral:

Arizona’s parents were William Millsaps and Irene Arney Jane Love.
When her parents wed, Irene was only 12 and William was 28. Uhhh creepy, but times were different.

Mr and Mrs Millsaps


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